Professional | Commercial Use

ReadiMask’s unique design outperforms all masks on the market today and is proven safe and effective. Any worker required to wear an N95 respirator or respiratory and non-impact eye protection can use the ReadiMask for superior fit and comfort.

Who Uses ReadiMask?

  • Military/law enforcement professionals
  • Disaster response teams
  • Corrections officers
  • First responders/fire safety teams/EMS, EMTs, medics
  • Hospital and healthcare staff/dentists/vet teams
  • Industrial workers/farm workers

 Use ReadiMask for:

  • Dusty conditions, packaging, and field work (mining, demolition, construction, sawing, sanding, animal care)
  • Milling operations, harvesting, and logging
  • Disaster-site protection
  • Medical settings, including hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental facilities, and nursing homes

ReadiMask Offers Protection Against:

  • Airborne and blood-borne pathogens
  • Smoke particles
  • Pepper spray*
  • Contaminated sites (dust, debris, gypsum, PCB)
  • Collapsed building debris
  • Fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides
  • Radioactive particles
  • Particulates from cutting, grinding, and torch cutting

*The ReadiMask with Eye Shield was successfully tested against the following pepper sprays:

  • Sabre Mk9
  • Sabre Red PHANTOM OC
  • Sabre Red Foaming Pepper Spray
  • Sabre Red Stream
  • Pepper Ball Live X
  • Vexor Pro
  • Guardian Pepper Spray
  • Top Cop, ALS Technologies

“The overall ratings graded ReadiMask MUCH BETTER than the N95 mask, the surgical mask, and the dust mask. And in a real emergency EVERYONE here would prefer to use the ReadiMask.”– Lori L. Schneider Oswego Hospital, Administrative Assistant; Quality/Risk Management

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