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N95 Small/Petite Gray - No Shield - 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

2 Reviews
N95 Small/Petite Gray - No Shield - 10 Pack   NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

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N95 Small/Petite Gray - No Shield - 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

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Our  NIOSH Certified (TC-84A-8133) N1900 series Small/Petite size ReadiMask N95 Respirator fits people with slimmer faces, many women, and most children and features a repositionable hypoallergenic medical adhesive. The dimensions are 6 and 7/8 inches wide x 5 and 3/8 inches high.


Enhanced protection in hazardous environments. Complete perimeter seal via a hypoallergenic medical adhesive. Comfortable and offers easy breathing.  Controls exposure to: Infections transmitted via the airborne route, spores, allergens, mold, dust, debris, insulation, pepper spray, pollution, smoke particles, and other airborne particles.

| USA Patents Issued | Made in the USA

2 Reviews for N95 Small/Petite Gray - No Shield - 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

  • Unique Design - No Air Leaks - Saturday, October 31, 2020
    These are a highly unique design that appears to result in absolutely no air leaks. This has two major advantages in my mind: (1) it assures as complete protection from particulate matter as possible and (2) it entirely prevents the issue of glasses and goggle fogging. The fact that its made locally in the US and meets NIOSH standards adds to its credibility. As a physician, I have tried nearly every mainstream model of N95 without the same results.

    I am also incredibly impressed by the customer service. When the sizing was off, the company provided me with a replacement, no questions asked.

    Highly recommended product and company.

    Dr. Thomas - MA
  • My Staff & I Finally Feel Safe - Monday, October 5, 2020
    Love these masks! My staff and I finally feel safe seeing patients in the office. I gave up trying to find standard NIOSH certified N95 masks a long time ago - none to be found. And then I discovered the ReadiMask. No more inferior imported KN95 masks! And ReadiMasks form a better seal and are much more comfortable than the standard (e.g., 3M) N95 respirators. No more pressure wounds on my ears! And true to promise, they can be reused several times.
    Dr. Cheryl R. - MI
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12 thoughts on “N95 Small/Petite Gray – No Shield – 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

  1. This dentist had all but accepted N95 strap pressure marks as permanent pandemic aesthetic.
    I can still barely believe that I found
    NIOSH-certified N95 that is made in USA & actually comfortable to wear.
    Their design is so simple you’ll want to laugh when u try it on.
    No straps, no loops, no pressure marks, solid SEAL!

    1. Hi Dr. Tesic! We’re so happy to hear we solved your “permanent pandemic pressure marks” issue. And apparently our ReadiMask makes you laugh when you try it on – hahaha. Thank you so much for your review! Stay safe and keep laughing 🙂

    1. Hi Eric,

      Great question!

      Our N95 ReadiMask consists of 4 layers of melt-blown polypropylene that are bonded together by ultrasonic welds. The little dots are the weld points where the four layers are bonded. The ultrasonic welding uses sound waves to melt the four layers into a solid, impenetrable dot at each weld point. Nothing can pass through where the dots are. The areas where there are no dots is where the filtering takes place on the inhale and exhale and our NIOSH test results show that our average filtering efficiency is 99.7%

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Best regards,

  2. My 87-year-old mom couldn’t appropriately wear the standard masks because she doesn’t have enough ear cartilage for the straps – these masks are perfect for her. Thank you for this product and your service.

    1. Hi Stafford – Very happy to hear our ReadiMasks worked well for your mom 🙂
      We wish her all the best and thank you for letting us know.

  3. Curious about how it feels to remove these masks? My skin is sensitive to adhesives. Is the adhesive similar to conventional Scotch tape, masking tape, or ?

    1. Hi Jean,
      Great question! We use a hypoallergenic, silicone based, medical adhesive. Everyone has different skin sensitivity, but for my skin, the comfort level when removing is similar to a bandaid but a bit gentler. Your experience may be different since you have sensitive skin. I always remove slowly from the bottom upwards.
      Hope this helps.

    2. I’ll comment as a user – I think sensitive skin is different from thin, delicate skin, though delicate skin is more likely to be sensitive. I react to *some* kinesiology tape adhesives in delicate areas such as around my collarbones. My facial skin is very prone to breakouts from cosmetic ingredients. I rarely wear adhesives on my face, and have only just worn my first ReadiMask for a few hours, but the adhesive didn’t itch or sting while I had it on, and there was no redness, welts or other sign of reactivity when I removed it.

      As far as the strength of the pull – I also found it similar to an adhesive bandage – stronger than kinesiology tape, not as strong as white athletic tape. With the shape of my face, I had to tape the ReadiMask across the lower part of my delicate under-eye skin (the part they tell you never to pull or rub on while cleansing) – and there was quite a significant pull when I removed the mask. It wasn’t painful, but I would expect if I wore a ReadiMask frequently, it would cause stretching, weakening and enlargement of my undereye bags. Together with cost and reusability, I’ll continue to wear strapped masks most of the time, but there are also times (like haircuts) when a strapless mask is VERY useful. HTH

      1. Hi again Susan.
        Thank you for this extremely thorough and thoughtful reply. I’m sure Jean and others will find it very helpful.

  4. I got a haircut!!!

    I’m spectacularly inept using hair clippers on myself. I’d visited salons once or twice where the stylist had me hold a strapped mask in place while they moved the straps to work around them. Needless to say, it’s impossible to maintain a good mask seal this way, especially since it’s only even possible to do this with earloop straps, which make a poor seal at best. I’d resigned myself to cutting my own hair and looking awful for maybe the rest of my life. I’m so very glad to have ReadiMasks, and a presentable appearance again.

    1. Thank you Susan!
      Happy to hear you were able to get your hair cut and still stay safe 🙂

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