National Tactical Officers Association Recommendation

ReadiMask is proud to be a ‘tested and recommended’ product from the National Tactical Officers Association. Readimask was submitted for a comprehensive evaluation and field test through NTOA and received an outstanding review. Below are some comments from actual testers in the field:

  • “Based on its ease of use, effectiveness and how easy it is to carry several in a pocket, I would completely recommend the ReadiMask to another officer.” – From a tester in Virginia
  • “I would rather keep one of these with me then try to worry about a surgical type mask that is easily crushed. The mask would be helpful when called to structure fires or if you are in contact with the flu or other communicable diseases. The product is not something that would be worn very often, but I will be adding to my gear and passing out my remaining samples. Bottom line, I would recommend this product for patrol officers.” – From a tester in Kansas
  • “Having used the traditional medical particulate mask several times, the ReadiMask feels much more secure. ReadiMask definitely has numerous applications in crime scenes, correctional facilities, dusty environments and general law enforcement situations where a particulate medical mask can be used. The ReadiMask is definitely something I will utilize in my gear bag.” – From a tester in Colorado
  • “The ReadiMask adhesive sealing particulate mask with the eye shield [LE 1901] is an innovative approach to a long-standing need. While in the package, this thing is thin and it is something you actually can carry without the bulk of some other products. The packaging is strong enough that it is not going to fall apart in your cargo pocket or kit. I put this on and went out to play some basketball to evaluate how it will work “when you’re working”. The mask stayed attached to my face…An innovative product made in the good old USA.” – From a tester in Massachusetts