ReadiMask | The Strapless N95 with a Perfect Seal
Made in the USA
NIOSH Certified - TC-84A-8133
Guaranteed to Fit

Warranted to last 3 years on shelf

Perfect Seal Technology

Silicone and Acrylic Adhesive models for hypoallergenic comfortable fit

Active Filtration on inhale and exhale

ReadiMask fits perfectly so pathogens are never inhaled or exhaled and is the only strapless N95 mask with a perfect seal to keep you and yours safe.

Why we are different

Why we are different

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Four layers for durability, comfort, filtering, and safety. The medical adhesive is non latex, hypoallergenic and reusable.

"It's the most comfortable mask I've ever worn!"

-Sheila the Nurse

"Love these masks! My staff and I finally feel safe seeing patients in the office."

-Dr. Cheryl R.

"This is the simplest product I have seen. No straps, it just seals to your face so smoke doesn't come in around the edges like other masks.

The ReadiMask filters so many of the byproducts of first at a level sufficient to allow the user additional time to safely escape from a building, train, car, school, airplane or other effective areas."

- Chief Richard Marinucci - Former President of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and COO of the United States Fire Administration.

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"I was impressed with the fit and comfort, I had no trouble obtaining an effective seal on the first try, and it got even easier with a little practice (a few of the fit tests were done on me).

I was impressed with how the respirator allowed me to perform an aggessive grimace exercise and to speak without the respirator slipping. With enough effort I can usually manipulate my face and jaw to intentionally dislodge conventional FFR. I was unable to do that with the ReadiMask. There was no appreciable build up of hot air inside the breathing zone. I could nearly forget that I had it on."

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About ReadiMask

I designed and started making masks right after the first World Trade Center bombing. The original idea was a mask to help people escape a hazardous situation. As I learned more about respirators, I realized most masks did not work because they leaked.

My vision was a mask that sealed, thereby working both on the inhalation and the exhalation. Without a seal, dirt and pathogens can get in or out, thus rendering a mask ineffective. Inward seepage allows contaminants to get into your lungs. Outward seepage is the reason glasses fog. These problems were solved by the invention of the ReadiMask - the mask that seals.

- John Schwind -

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