Why ReadiMask?

Simply put, we offer better protection than any other mask on the market. Our patented ReadiMask is a multipurpose respirator that substantially protects against airborne particles and is designed to fit both adults and children. It is the only full-face respirator that seals to your face using a hypoallergenic medical adhesive at the perimeter of the mask. Masks that apply with elastic straps or ties do not fit properly, allowing gaps around the edges of the mask where contaminants can enter, but ReadiMask’s medical adhesive creates a tight seal that enables the filter and eyeshield to provide substantial protection. The ReadiMask is pocket-sized, virtually weightless, and available with or without the eyeshield.

Outstanding Features:

  • Hypoallergenic medical adhesive creates effective seal against airborne pathogens, and other harmful particulates
  • Two-way protection (on inhalation and exhalation)
  • Custom fit and available in three sizes
  • High-tech filter media reduces breathing resistance
  • High-quality audio communication
  • Anti-fog eye-shield with the option of wearing eyeglasses over the shield
  • Portable and individually packaged for weightless protection on the go
  • Latex-free
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Unique airflow provides up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler breathing air
  • No painful elastic straps
  • No painful metal nose clip
  • Increased comfort and field of view
  • Easy to fit test
  • Flat configuration saves valuable space to support stockpiling
  • Eyeglasses do not fog


How does the ReadiMask work?
The ReadiMask uses a special air-purifying filter media and a hypoallergenic medical adhesive at the perimeter of the mask to filter more than 95% of particles, preventing them from entering the lungs. In fact, our NIOSH test results show an average filtering rate of 99.7%.

What does the ReadiMask filter?
The ReadiMask filters greater than 95% (average rate = 99.7%) of particles suspended in air (aerosols), including, but not limited to, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold, industrial particles, smoke particles, and many other dangerous particulates. In addition, the ReadiMask with Eye Shield is effective against pepper spray.

Will the ReadiMask provide 100% protection from dangerous aerosols and will it eliminate my exposure to, or the risk of contracting, any disease or infection, including in the case of a pandemic?
The ReadiMask substantially reduces your risk of inhalation of infectious organisms, but it does not eliminate 100% of the risk of inhaling aerosols or the risk of exposure to, or of contracting, any disease or infection.

Will the ReadiMask protect me from smoke in a fire?
The ReadiMask with an eye shield will reduce your risk in a fire by protecting your eyes from the smoke and filtering soot and other particulates, but will not filter carbon monoxide and other gases that are formed in a burning fire. The eye protection and the filtration of soot and other particulates will provide you with some additional time to escape a fire before the gases build up to lethal levels, but should not be relied upon as full protection in a fire.

Will the ReadiMask filter airborne allergens?
Yes. The ReadiMask will filter airborne allergens such as pollen and will substantially reduce their effect.

Will an immuno-compromised patient have greater protection from infectious organisms if the patient or the patient’s visitors wear a ReadiMask?
Yes. The ReadiMask was designed to filter infectious organisms. The patient will have greater protection if she or her visitors wear the ReadiMask.

Can eyeglasses/sunglasses be worn with the ReadiMask that has an eye shield?
Yes. The eye shield was developed to be very flexible so that glasses can be worn on the outside of the mask over the eye shield.

Does the adhesive seal on the ReadiMask without an eye shield prevent eyeglasses / sunglasses from fogging?
The medical adhesive seal on the ReadiMask prevents air from escaping from the top of the mask, eliminating or substantially reducing the fogging of eyeglasses/sunglasses.

Will the eye shield on the ReadiMask fog?
The ReadiMask was developed with the most advanced anti-fog eye shield available on the market. Slight fogging may occur depending on the amount of humidity present in the air.

Can I comfortably speak with the ReadiMask on and can people hear and understand me well?
The ReadiMask was designed to have minimal effect on speech with almost no loss in audio quality. People can easily hear and understand you.

Does the ReadiMask filter in both directions, on both inhalation and exhalation?
Yes. The ReadiMask filters on inhalation protecting the wearer and on exhalation protecting those near the wearer.

Is the ReadiMask comfortable to wear and is it easy to breathe through?
The ReadiMask was designed with a very low breathing resistance and can be up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than other similar masks. In addition, the ReadiMask does not have tight straps or ties that put a lot of pressure on the face and that can get caught up in hair, and does not have an uncomfortable nose clip like many other masks.

Does the ReadiMask move on my face as I turn my head, yawn, cough or sneeze, or make other facial movements?
No. Once the ReadiMask is applied to the face, the ReadiMask will remain in place with head or facial movements, yawning, coughing or sneezing.

Can children wear a ReadiMask?
Children 5 years of age and older can wear a ReadiMask.

Can I wear a ReadiMask if I have medical problems?
If you have pre-existing lung disease such as asthma or emphysema, heart disease, or any other medical condition that affects your ability to breathe, you must consult your physician before using the ReadiMask.

How long can I wear the ReadiMask?
The ReadiMask can be worn for an extended period of time. If breathing becomes difficult as a result of an environment with excessive airborne particles, if the mask becomes soiled with water or hazardous liquids, or if the seal is compromised, remove the mask and apply a new one.

Will the ReadiMask protect me from gases or chemicals?
No. The ReadiMask does not filter gases and chemicals and should not be used against those threats.

Are there different sizes?
Yes. The ReadiMask comes in three sizes: Small (fits children and adults with petite faces), Large (really a Medium/Large) fits both most adults, and Extra Fits people with large faces. View our sizing guide.

Has the ReadiMask been tested?
Yes. The ReadiMask has undergone a substantial amount of testing. See Test Results.

Where is the ReadiMask made?
The ReadiMask and all of its components are manufactured in the U.S.A.

If the colored netting on the outside of the ReadiMask has partially peeled off, does that affect the effectiveness of the mask?
The colored netting is only needed during the manufacturing process and does not play a role in filtration.
The ReadiMask will be just as effective without the netting.