Overseas Orders

Australasian customers can save the international shipping costs by ordering directly from our partner in Australia at CO2Radical.

Although individuals and families can purchase ReadiMasks for shipment overseas (UK, EU, and many other countries), it can not be done on our online store.

The way we handle overseas shipments to individuals and families is once we know your full shipping address and exactly which products you want, we can then estimate the DHL shipping costs and send you a quote via email with the cost details.

In order to help offset the shipping costs and import taxes, we offer a generous discount off our standard retail prices.
After receiving your quote and reviewing the cost, you can reply and let us know if you wish to proceed and we will email you an invoice that you can pay by online with credit card via Stripe, our credit card processor.
NOTE:  Import duties/taxes, if any, are additional and are collected separately from you through DHL once your package arrives at your country's customs facility.


Please fill out the form below to receive your quote via email (1-2 business days).