ReadiMask Wins BARDA-NIOSH Contest

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A Simple Design

“Simple can be harder than complex:  You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.  But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”    Steve Jobs

This was the philosophy we adopted to develop the ReadiMask.  So, we started with a clean slate, no preconceived notions of what a mask should have or should be.  We had just three basic design parameters:

  1. It had to be comfortable
  2. It had to filter well    
  3. It could not leak 

All day comfort and protection in a simple, strapless design.

The ReadiMask 365, an elegantly simple solution, was developed over many years entailing extensive materials research, working with the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and trial and error prototyping.  The latest model utilizes a cutting-edge, flexible nano fiber filter.  This, combined with a best-of-breed medical adhesive, creates a new level of protection not only for the wearer, but those around them!

The ReadiMask 365 uses a state-of-the-art, domestically manufactured, 3-layer composite nano filter.  The fabric is sonic point bonded with a soft, spunbond fabric for comfort.  The resulting laminate is flexible, enabling it to contour to the unique facial features on all of us.

The 365 utilizes an American made, hypo-allergenic, medical grade, FDA approved adhesive to frame the perimeter of the mask.  The adhesives were developed specifically for pediatrics and geriatrics to be very gentle on the skin.  Because the mask forms a perfect seal, all particles must try to pass through the efficient nano filter on both the inhalation and exhalation – protecting both the wearer and providing unparalleled source control for those around them. 

The shape of the ReadiMask may seem like a simple rectangle, but much thought and refinement went into the design and application, so that it can be formed to each user’s face.  The truly unique design permits the user to mold the mask to their individual facial shape and features, ensuring a custom fit for everyone.  The unique design, material, protective quality, and ease of use puts ReadiMask 365 steps ahead of existing masks.

ReadiMask Rockets Past Contest Parameters

The ReadiMask 365, with its revolutionary strapless, novel head-suspension system, has been extensively tested and exceeds the Mask Challenge “Moonshot Criteria”.  Testing was conducted by many 3rd party labs including the US Army.  Below is a summary of test results with reports located in the appendix: 

Mask Challenge Moonshot Criteria Table


ReadiMask Quad Chart
“My clients LOVE! the comfort and protection of the strapless ReadiMask"
- Jackie, RDH National Speaker
“The ReadiMask made our trip enjoyable from the time we got to the airport until arriving at our destination. So comfortable I forgot I had it on and was even able to sleep on the plane!”
- Mark, COO
“I wore your mask for 12 hours over two days as I presented. It is so comfortable. That is one reason why I’m recommending your mask.”
- Nancy, RDH
“These are my most favorite masks ever!   I can get everyone to pass a fit test.  I personally wear them for protection, and my face no longer breaks out.”
- Lisa, DMD, OSHA Dental Compliance



The ReadiMask 365 is a fantastic mask as is and exceeds the moonshot criteria, but we never stop trying to improve it.  The 365 has the advantage of years of development and is already on the way to the moon, while other companies are still making prototypes.  The next steps are about refinement.  This will be done through collaboration with experts at BARDA, NIOSH and NIST.

These refinements include:

  1. Alternative Materials Evaluation
  2. Design Changes
  3. End user Input
  4. Manufacturing & Budget
  5. Packaging
  6. Commercialization

With a proven design and best of breed materials the ReadiMask is light years ahead of the competition and ready to ramp up production to help protect everyone.


About GSF

Global Safety First, LLC (GSF) is a U.S. mask company with a proven track record for manufacturing strapless, adhesive sealing masks here in the US.  GSF’s strapless designs are currently used by professionals including doctors, nurses, dentists, and first responders.  Our masks receive rave reviews from salon staff and their clients, flight attendants, travelers, and hearing aid wearers.  The ReadiMask 365 will get us to the moon because:

  • The strapless design is extremely comfortable
  • The proven sealing system prevents leaks
  • Tested on actual people
  • Is inexpensive and can be produced in large quantities
  • The Nano Filter is state of the art at stopping particles