N95 Small/Petite Yellow - No Shield - 10 Pack   NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

N95 Small/Petite Yellow - No Shield - 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

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Our  NIOSH Certified (TC-84A-8133) N1900 series Small/Petite size ReadiMask N95 Respirator fits people with slimmer faces, many women, and most children and features a repositionable hypoallergenic medical adhesive. The dimensions are 6 and 7/8 inches wide x 5 and 3/8 inches high.


Enhanced protection in hazardous environments. Complete perimeter seal via a hypoallergenic medical adhesive. Comfortable and offers easy breathing.  Controls exposure to: Infections transmitted via the airborne route, spores, allergens, mold, dust, debris, insulation, pepper spray, pollution, smoke particles, and other airborne particles.

| USA Patents Issued | Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Johanna Emmanuelli
Love them!!!

I love these masks. They are easy to put on, can eat and drink without removing them, and really protect. My ears do not suffer. Still use them in every outing. People marvel and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Mary S
These work great!

They might look odd, but the seal is reliable, and they are comfortable. I've used them with the nose-only hack when I go to the dentist, and that gave me peace of mind. I was grateful to be able to get an MRI with my ReadiMask in place, and they are great for getting a haircut.

Kathleen Murphy
Haircuts are possible again!

For a time in the early pandemic, I simply let my hair grow. The ends were getting a little crispy but not sufficient for me to risk an un-masked haircut.
Then I discovered these! Hurray. I'm now back to regular maintenance and my hairdresser has called colleagues over to see my ReadiMask so they can recommend them to others.


Love this mask!! I use it instead of typical n95. Better comfort on my nose when wearing for hours. Perfect for MRI and doctor appts.
I hope you bring the gray color back or make various skin tone colored masks. The yellow is a bit too bright.
Love your product!!

Jennifer S
Used to be perfect!

I've been using ReadiMask for a couple of years. I preferred the grey version both for the adhesive and the color, but for whatever reason the only one available now is yellow, which used an adhesive that is more skin-irritating for me. This review would be 4 star if better color options were available, and 5 star if the alternative adhesive were!

Thank you for your review Jennifer. Hopefully we will have the gray color back at some point. They are not discontinued but I don't have any information on when we will have them again. I too prefer the gray.

Sorry to hear that the acrylic based adhesive on our N1901 series is irritating to your skin. Our N1911L-10 Large Yellow uses the same siicone adhesive as the Gray ones did. Although they are not stamped with out NIOSH TC number as N95, they actually use the same filter material and have the same average filtering efficiency of 99.7% If you would like to try them, email me at support@readimask.com and I'll send you a free sample.

Best regards,
ReadiMask Customer Support