N95 Small/Petite Yellow - No Shield - 10 Pack   NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

N95 Small/Petite Yellow - No Shield - 10 Pack NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators in Resealable Plastic Bag

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Our  NIOSH Certified (TC-84A-8133) N1900 series Small/Petite size ReadiMask N95 Respirator fits people with slimmer faces, many women, and most children and features a repositionable hypoallergenic medical adhesive. The dimensions are 6 and 7/8 inches wide x 5 and 3/8 inches high.


Enhanced protection in hazardous environments. Complete perimeter seal via a hypoallergenic medical adhesive. Comfortable and offers easy breathing.  Controls exposure to: Infections transmitted via the airborne route, spores, allergens, mold, dust, debris, insulation, pepper spray, pollution, smoke particles, and other airborne particles.

| USA Patents Issued | Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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R M Peluso
Just what I needed for dental visit!

After viewing a few videos on Youtube of the Readimask adapted as a half mask "dental hack," I decided to try one for my hygienist appointment. Instead of being a nervous wreck at my visit, I followed the demonstrations on Youtube, donned the Readimask as a half mask and wore it under my usual N95. I walked 3 miles, no problem breathing, perfectly comfortable. Once in the dental suite, I removed the outer mask and my nose remained safely sheltered under the Readimask. Teeth were cleaned with all the usual mouth stretching and gyrations. Dental X-rays were taken with no problem. I checked the position of the mask a few times to make sure it was adhering to my upper lip. The mask stayed in place the entire time. I wore it 4 hours straight, no problem. My sensitive skin usually reacts to medical adhesive. Not this time! Removal was easy. No blotches, no itchiness. I just placed my order for more Readimasks. Highly recommended!


Convenient, effective, quality tool for mitigating airborne illness. Highly recommend.


Got these for an MRI and they’re fine. Just a bit tricky fitting it under the chin.


I was really glad to have these for an MRI


It’s perfect. I feel safe with it on.